PetSafe® Stubborn Dog Fence Review

At a Glance:

This is not a wireless dog fence. It is a wired underground dog fence. Although many prefer the easy set-up of a wireless system, a wired system is far more reliable and the border shape is completely customizeable. No wireless dog fence offers a collar that is designed specifically for stubborn breeds.


  • Waterproof collar
  • Designed for dogs 30 pounds and up
  • Features 4 heightened correction levels and a vibration only mode
  • Runs on a standard 9-volt battery
  • Has a low battery indication light
  • Has a wire break detection feature


  • The batteries cannot be recharged
  • Not to be used by small, sensitive, weak or injured dogs


The 4 stimulation levels that are offered by the Stubborn Dog Fence are considerably stronger than a standard dog fence collar. The Stubborn Dog Fence is intended for strong-willed guardian breeds, or for those who have a high pain tolerance. These breeds include Pit Bulls, Akitas and German Shepherds. The static correction will not harm the dog, however it is simply too strong for the average pup. You may also decide to keep the collar on vibration only, during initial training.

Training More Than One Dog

You have the ability to train an unlimited number of dogs on the PetSafe® Stubborn Dog Fence. However, your kit will only come with one stubborn dog collar so if you have other dogs you will need to order an extra collar for each of them. You may be wondering, “What if one of my dogs is a little dog? Won’t the stubborn dog fence be too strong for them?” Here is the good news. The fence itself isn’t stronger, just the collar. Several of the PetSafe® collars from their other systems are compatible with the Stubborn Dog Fence. For example, if you have a little dog but need the Stubborn Dog Fence for another dog, you can just purchase the Elite Little Dog collar separately.


If you have a strong-willed dog, this system is designed just for them, and it is quite effective. It is also ideal for multi-dog households as the system is compatible with other PetSafe® collars.