Havahart Radial Shape Select Wireless Fence Review

At a Glance:


  • The product claims to be able to contain up to 11 acres of land.
  • You are able to check the life of the battery and change the correction levels directly on the control unit.
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • The transmission signal is poor and unreliable.
  • Only 2 dogs can be used with this system.

Mounting the Transmitter

Other wireless dog fences only allow you to mount the transmitter on your wall using screws. The Havahart Radial Shape Select comes with adhesive strips that let you stick it there instead. In case you prefer using screws, the system also comes with screws and a wall anchor.

Short and Long Probes

With the Havahart Radial Shape Select, you will receive 2 pairs of probes, short and long. This means whether your dog has a coat that is short and thin or if it is thick and long, you will have the probes you need for him. The probes can be easily unscrewed without the need for a wrench or probe fitter.

Collar Testing Device

This system comes with a heart-shaped collar testing device. To check the functionality of your fence, place the tester against the collar receiver probes. The tester will light up every time the receiver approaches the perimeter. This allows you to determine exactly where the boundaries are so that you can place your training flags accordingly.

Training Flags

Your Havahart system comes with 75 boundary training flags, which act as visual cues, providing more reinforcement for your dog about where his boundaries are.

Limited Warranty

The Havahart Radial Shape Select comes with a generous 10 year limited warranty on the main transmitter and a 1 year warranty on the collar, tester, battery charger and contact probes. In regards to the warranty on the transmitter, you will have 2 years where you don’t have to pay labor and for the remaining 8 years, a labor fee is required.

Battery Recharger

The battery charger is external. This means it doesn’t have to be connected directly to the collar, but instead the battery is taken out and charged separately. This is a positive feature as it allows you to charge one of the batteries while your dog keeps wearing the collar.

The Transmitter

To put it simply, this perhaps has the worst transmitter of any wireless dog fence in terms of quality and signal stability. Although the product is supposed to have an 11-acre coverage area, this is an unreliable estimation. You will find the system has serious boundary instabilities at 9 acres or less.

With that being said, the transmitter does have one unique feature, called the Challenge Alarm. This feature is unique to the Havahart system. When your dog approaches the boundary, the transmitter in your home emits an audible alarm that alerts you to the situation. In addition to this, the transmitter’s menu lets you change certain settings, as well as add an additional collar to be tracked. All of the other settings including collar correction levels and battery levels are controlled directly from the transmitter

Changing the Fence Radius

With most other systems, there is a dial that you use to set the size of the containment circle. Instead of this, the Havahart system has a digital display along with up and down buttons to change the size of the border.

Limit of 2 Dogs

The Havahart system only allows 2 dogs to be contained. As the system only comes with one collar, you will need to purchase an additional collar for your second dog. If you have more than 2 dogs, you will need to purchase the PetSafe® Stay + Play wireless fence instead.

The Receiver Collar

The receiver collar is a bit on the bulky side. It weighs 4.4 ounces and is designed for dogs that are at least 6 months old, weighing a minimum of 8 pounds with a neck size of 14 to 26 inches. Unlike other wireless dog fence brands, you will need to activate the collar through the control unit and charge the battery before you are able to use it.

The collar strap itself has a quick-snap lock. Note that because part of the receiver antenna goes through the strap, you will not be able to use another collar strap of your choice.

Correction Levels

You have 5 correction levels to choose from, as well as a tone-only mode for training purposes. Unlike other wireless fences, you change the correction levels on the transmitter itself, not the receiver collar.

The Batteries

Two rechargeable batteries come with the Havahart Wireless Fence. One is put into the collar receiver and the other one acts as a spare that is charged at all times. On the receiver collar, the battery is accessed by unscrewing a small latch located next to the receiver. You can expect a fully-charged battery to last you for about three days, which is far from exceptional. It takes about 90-120 minutes for your battery to recharge. The status of the collar battery can be checked at any time from the transmitter.


Although the Havahart Wireless Fence does have a few mentionable positives, its poor signal reliability and boundary inconsistencies make it a substandard wireless dog fence.